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Basic wardrobe - it is at everyone!


How to understand this sentence?


The base, it is the foundation, the base on which to build all the "Dressing the building." Rules and laws of the universe they shared, walk-in closet is also built by its own laws, then they shared. We read different lists basic wardrobe on the Internet and in the style of the books; it says that it is necessary to have basic things, such as a skirt - a pencil, black dress sheath, a white shirt and a dozen things. So I understand, everyone has his own, or made up according to the rules and laws. So whether or not to have these things to you? The correct answer is: do not know yet. Many people confuse the office style with a basic wardrobe. Office or business, this is the one you made to work in the office. Clearly, it shows the quality of your business and should not be distracted by female charms.

A base - is the one which is going around all the clothes you wear most often. Once more often, so it is important to understand what you are doing more than just time. Thus, for someone the basic thing is a jacket in the style of men's jacket, in which you work in an office, and for someone - then knit jacket with big buttons, a warm, cozy, comfortable, large knitting, in which the office to come can not be . Why is that? Because people have different schedule of life and they work in different areas. And this means that basic things have to be different.


1. The first law of the formation of the perfect wardrobe - the foundation and the greatest number of things - the maximum time your activities. We begin to shape the perfect wardrobe for the circumstance that determines your employment. Girls are wrong when they buy often evening dresses. Dresses are beautiful and very difficult to pass. But I wear them only once in three years: because these girls do not go to parties. But these are the girls often say, scanning a closet full of dresses: I have nothing to wear! To avoid this from happening, we work with the first law of formation of the ideal wardrobe. What do we do? On a sheet of paper we write what we do during the week. This work (all aspects - negotiations, conferences, presentations, speeches before an audience), walking with a child, a trip to her parents, sports, hobbies, cleaning, visiting clubs, theaters, parents' meetings, meetings with friends, beauty spa and all that you're busy. Even very rare. It should get about 15 points. Do not forget to mark the column "Home" - You go to something at home. We need to determine the amount of time you devote to a particular type of activity. How? Take the optimal month period. You awake from 07:00 to 23:00. Correct me if wrong. It turned out the day is 16 hours. Multiply by 7 days, the same 112 hour nedelyu.112 hour multiplied by 4 weeks get 448 hours per month. Now draw a big circle on a sheet and expect a percentage of what and how much time you are busy. For example, you work 40 hours a week. In a month you work 160 hours (40 hours multiplied by 4 weeks). Divide 160 by 448 got 36% of the circle you go to work. Now divide the circle into sectors, according to the figures obtained. Within the sector, we enter the sphere of activity and a number of clothing write that this already exists. If you work it consists of diametrically different activities - select this option as an individual. Some items require the same clothes. For example, office work and attending parents' meetings at school. When you have filled in all the clothing sector, which is already there, it became clear, that does not suffice. The main thing is that you have a lot of clothes. is not handy any one sector. This clearly shows that these things are bought spontaneously. Give it to the needy.


2. The second law - the support of the wardrobe on top quality items. This coat, jacket, pants, skirts, shoes. It is in this sequence. Coat - is your first concern. In our city in the coat you see most often, wherever you came from. In peterburzhenok often several coats of a season. This elegant coat, for example, on the floor under the evening outfit. Or a short coat, jacket, to be combined with trousers, jeans, skirts. Without down jackets also can not do, especially in the rain and cold. Remember that the form should be your ideal wardrobe with a coat: to length of skirts and dresses had been adjusted under your coat. Jackets - it is also a gift to all of us from the designers, because as the most universal thing. And warm, and gives the business status and combined with all of your basic clothing. A small supplement is known to all, but there is a need to repeat expensive things to buy quality for the "support" of your wardrobe. Wear them awake for a long time, the fabric should be of high quality and style of simple, beyond any fashion delights.


3. The third law. Proportions and landing. Of course, you need things that you decorate, and therefore it is necessary to understand a silhouette - yours. Go to your form-fitting things? Or prefer things with low waist? What does it mean? There is a small exercise that will help you. Tie belt at the waist and bend your arms at the elbow. If the elbow is in front of the waist - waist means "in place" if the elbow is slightly higher mean waist is too high, you have long legs, but the short back. You need to visually lower the waist, and then wear a skirt at the hips. A-shaped silhouette is preferable. Elbow slightly down below the waist - means it is necessary to "draw" his feet. Wear a dress with a high waist, wide belts and use the high landing on skirts and trousers. Note (many neglect this advice or simply lazy) try to adjust the things bought for her figure. Take their hand, but the result will please you.


4. The fourth law. Prefer laconic cut. Simple things easy to mix and match. They are more advantageous to look stylish and give.


5.Pyaty law. Use your color scheme. You have a trial and error have determined what color you are. But many variations of colors pass by you. Another error that often occurs: the girls are buying things that they like, but without taking into account their tsvetotipa. According to the principle: I liked, so for me. But in many colors tasks: highlight your skin, even out of her, do you visually slimmer, lose a couple of kilograms, "ignite" your eyes. Learn your tsvetotip various consultations the image of stylists and do not wear your colors do not, they just "pritushat", "will show" black eyes and "recalculate" pimples.


6. Law Neutral colors for the main things. In the main, and therefore expensive things prefer the color beige, gray, wine, burgundy, sand. Determine what you the most suitable of these. Black Use only in exceptional cases. This is a big misconception that black is everything. When you open the shoulders, for example, you are in an evening gown, while black can suit you, rather than black color, and facial skin
is perfectly combined with the natural color of the skin on his shoulders.

7. The seventh law. We combine the main and accent items. Accent is a bright, ultomodnye things. Bright cartoon images on T-shirts, sweatshirts with transparent inserts, silver bombers or sweater with metal thread. Things quickly go out of style. How long you wear them will not, so you can buy at reasonable prices.

8. The eighth law. Playing in a simple-complex. In a perfect bow, use this law. If you have a "complex" blouse: with a large number of additional components, flounces, frills, very saturated colors; combined with a style for simple skirts or trousers. Laconic shirt will look good with a complex necklace and simple in cut, jacket. The skirt on the floor, too, "requires" a simple shirt or a short jacket or vest.

9. The ninth law. Use the texture of fabric. Sophisticated texture gives chic and glamor. Your basic jacket, for example, may have a complex texture - light bouclé, a loose dressing, or vice-versa, jacquard base. This jacket will make you look more elegant and effective. A very simple manner, when all things are composed of smooth textures. Remember, when you dress lacquered boat, immediately turns the image of the evening. This works in the case of fabrics. Now it is very important in one way or onions combine one color but different textures. Even if things are laconic cut, one color, but with different textures - it turns a very modern and chic.

10. The tenth law. Calculates the variance before buying new things. Everything is simple: decide to buy, remember that there is a house and how it will be combined. If in doubt, go back to the store with things, which is the purchase and make the fitting. If in doubt, put the purchase. Look for a combination that question does not arise.


The author Nadezhda Korneva.

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