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Not only the children of the northern megalopolis are striving to make the very first, important and very serious step towards the career of the model, but also very many children bring their parents from the outskirts of the Leningrad region to our children's model agency SPb-Trendy.

Of course, most of the children are indigenous St. Petersburgers, but there are models from Sestroretsk, Roshchino, Gatchina and Gatchina district, Pushkin and Peterhof.

To choose the right agency for a child is to form the right career of the future model. There are a lot of agencies, but high professional level does not correspond to all. And it is important to understand which child model agency St. Petersburg will cope with, so that the child took the first right steps into the world of model business.

Trendi works in St. Petersburg with children from 3 to 16 years old. From the very childhood of age we see in them the future stars of the big stage in modeling and invest in the work on his career.

Do you find that your child has a bright appearance? Or maybe he has some other qualities? Then urgently bring him to us for a casting and we will begin our work with your child.

If the baby is 3 years old, then the first requirements are that he is not hyperactive, calm and smiling, not afraid of strangers, other children and a new environment. Of course, physically he should be healthy and not have a tendency to frequent colds.

We would like to note that in the modeling business the earlier experience is welcomed, but, unfortunately, this does not guarantee at all for his successful career in the process of growing up. The children's modeling agency SPb-Trendi watches every child, every model and tries to correct all changes in time for the better. Of course, with the exception of external data, which is also actively changing during adolescence.

In older children, the ability to pose, acting skills, discipline and the desire to work on the set are especially appreciated. If the child has come to the children's model agency SPb-Trendy without the above mentioned skills, then he will have to join the learning process with other children and as soon as he starts everything is good, he will start receiving proposals for filming.

Despite all the above, we propose to treat children's modeling as an educational game and a busy interesting hobby, and not as something serious, already defining his career.

Would the child want to be a further model? Will he like to work on the set and pose in front of the camera? Will he be able to reveal himself in such a way as to please the producers of brand clothes? Not we, not you yet do not know. Therefore, it makes no sense to predict the future of the child for him, but there is a definite task - to help him decide - he will like this prospect of further work in the modeling business or not.

If you decide to enroll for a casting in the children's modeling agency SPb-Trendy, then this is the right choice from the very beginning! We are waiting for you!

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