Children's model casting in TRENDY.

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Any child model casting is carried out on the selection of types. Although, casting is quite a tough procedure, but it's not worth it to be afraid. As well as it is not necessary to forcibly drag the child to the children's model casting.

Casting is an opportunity for a child to positively present itself. It is necessary to behave calmly and naturally.

What children are interesting to us as future models?

- from infancy to 16 years

- Photos with your child are mostly successful

- a child is more cheerful and joyful

- he has a Slavic appearance, a preference for blue-eyed blondes

- boys appreciate short hairstyles, girls have long hair

- the parents of the above-mentioned children should have free time to attend many castings and accompanying events.

If you have passed the children's model casting in Trend, the first thing you will need is a portfolio. Your child will simply need professional photos. Prepare for these constant expenses, as the child's portfolio will have to be updated, because the appearance changes quickly.

Photo will have to be done by a professional photographer, whom you will be recommended in the agency. The services of photographers accredited in the agency are quite expensive.

Photography services with a certain photographer may also include:

- the help of the make-up artist - probably, rent of studio and the equipment - certain style with granting of clothes, sometimes several images including with accessories.

The cost can include the amount of time or the number of frames with the final quality images. Usually photographers provide no more than 10 photos for one photo session.

To shoot will have to prepare in advance: - Try on clothes, - Rehearse before the mirror images and mood.

It is important to understand that after going through the children's model casting - you join in laborious work with your child, where you will have to devote the most part of your time to this activity!

If you decide to join the database of our successful models and are determined to go through the children's model casting in our agency, then call and sign up by phone: 8-911-083-80-97

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