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Your child is beautiful, we know it! But model children's photos are the base with which our agency works, presenting them to the customer.

In what clothes is it best to dress a child, so that it looks good in the eyes of the customer? Let's figure it out.

Agree that today children's clothes are not inferior to adults in their diversity and parents have a great chance to instill good taste and teach style lessons from an early age. And modern designers are working hard to use a form of simple cut, but from bright fabrics with prints and trim to emphasize the beautiful age and beautiful model.

Therefore, going to the photo studio, to make model children's photos, we suggest to give preference to the following features of dresses: - the girl should be comfortable, and the silhouette is desirable free; - it is better to use pastel colors with contrast finish;

- flounces, bows, frills, lace look good on dresses; - You can use ethnic motifs: Russian sarafans, national embroidery;

- You can use the fabric in a cage, strip, flower, peas, regardless of winter and summer dresses;

- advantage is given to natural fabrics: in the summer - cotton with elastane, in winter - wool.

A model baby photo should reflect what the child wears everyday and it is very comfortable for him in this dress! Why? Children are very mobile and clothes should emphasize that the cut of clothing is suitable for the daily needs of the baby in motion and does not fetter them.

You can put the girl in: tunic, dress-sweater, a dress with a trapezoid or with an inflated waist, a sarafan or cut-off around the waist, a dress-shirt.

What is categorically unacceptable:

* Short tight dress,

* Dresses with cutouts on the back and chest,

* Narrow skirt and high incision.

You can also use fancy dresses for special occasions for a model children's photo. Children's fashion is oriented to an adult, so when choosing a style, it is necessary to start from the age of the girl.

In this case it is easier to list the nuances that need to be excluded:

* Dress in the floor,

* Dress-bustier without shoulder straps

* Dresses with a corset top,

* Style mermaid.

Still, it is preferable to dress the girl "princess" and get excellent model children's photos.

If you decide with your child to embark on a romance of the model world, we are waiting for you to cast. Sign up by phone: 8-911-083-80-97

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