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Even the smallest child can become a model. As an example, we recommend that you go to the page and see our model children - photos from Trendy.

If you decided that your child should also become a model, first of all you must recognize that the model business has its own rules and not everyone can withstand them! Great fees, popularity and fame are given to individuals.

The second thing that will have to be faced immediately is the child's work in front of the cameras: he must be able to behave calmly, uninhibitedly and completely naturally.

A big plus will be for you, if the child was engaged in any section: sports, dance and other, which provides for his appearance on the stage and emancipation.

To make a child a model, you need to start preparing a portfolio for him or her, which will help you find a job faster.

The portfolio should be from a professional studio. But you can not search for photographers if the child has become an agency model. As a rule, the children of a photo are photomodels when working in a Trend.

As for the price of the model portfolio, it is worth counting on the sums of four thousand and more. It all depends on the level of the photographer and the opportunities provided: whether the stylist is included, whether there are clothes for the image and how the studio itself is paid for, where photography will be done.

Usually all photo sessions that are conducted through the agency almost always prepare children for shooting completely: from hairstyle to clothes.

The taken photos are processed by the photographer and are already working for children's photomodels, the photo is placed on the resources of the model agency Trendy.

If you decide that your child is ready to become a model, then welcome to the Trendy!   

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