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Child’s model agency Trendy – it is 10 years of irreproachable quality of works, professionalism, organizing the most extravaganza shows, the most interesting photography, satisfying their work customs of even the most difficult customers. Base of models Child’s model agency Trendy include more than 150 children in the age between 3 and 16 years. Child’s model agency Trendy work with most part of famous brands, with leading professional photographers, videographer, stylists, image makers, florists. Children and teenagers models of MA Trendy have got a lot of experience of work in Russia and abroad.

Child’s model agency Trendy can organize any advertising or catalogue photographing for Your Company. Advertising of children’s clothes, kid’s clothes shops, designers, kids produce and any other Kids Fashion. Model agency Trendy will be happy to cooperate with other agency, manufactures and sellers of kid’s produce and services.

We not only can help you to hold photo session, make look book or advertising. Our professionals will develop full advertising company, from idea, selection of photographer, stylists, models and treatment photographs, to posting their in internet and publishing in magazines. Cooperating with Trendy, you can be sure in guaranteed quality of samples and irreproachable results of photographing, always getting a 100% great result.

Top models

Emilia Grechihina

4 years, height 104 cm

Leon Sokol

5 years, height 109 cm

Veronika Morozova

7 years, height 128 cm

Elisha Horoshkin

5 years, height 113 cm

Emin Pac

11 years, height 145 cm

Mira Rozhenkova

11 years old, height 158 cm

Tatyana Kartoshkina

Height 143 cm

Gabriel Pyatov

3 years, height 96 cm

Stepan Samushkin

3 years, height 96 cm

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